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How to Treat Migraines Naturally

| Dr David Palmer |

How to Treat Migraines Naturally

I believe the first step to treat migraines naturally is to discover whether you have any migraine triggers. If you have ever had a migraine, you will know that they can be completely disruptive. They can steal the joy from life’s best moments.  Avoiding these triggers is often a simple way to reduce the number of headaches that you get.

A migraine trigger is anything that might set off a migraine and they can be different for everyone. Common triggers include certain foods and drinks, but there are also environmental factors that may trigger a migraine. Bright flashing lights, very loud noises, a particularly stressful day may just be what triggers your migraine.


How to Discover Your Migraine Triggers

If your migraines are random or infrequent, then you might have trouble remembering the circumstances that led to it. It may seem like there is no common trigger. What I have found to be very helpful in discovering migraine triggers, is to keep a migraine journal. This will often reveal patterns that might help you discover your migraine triggers. Once you know what triggers your migraine, you can take effective measures to avoid these triggers and reduce your migraines.


A Cause of Migraines That is Often Missed

Reducing your triggers can make a massive difference to your quality of life, but unfortunately it is not a fix. There is still the underlying problem causing the migraine. I have found for many, many of our patients that the underlying cause is related to misalignment of the structures of the neck.

Necks function best when they have a C-shaped Curve (Cervical Lordosis). Our day to day posture, bad habits and traumas such as whiplash are all very common reasons why we may lose this normal alignment. A loss of this normal alignment places more strain and tension on the structures of the neck. Over time this leads to dysfunction and degeneration.

If your neck is misaligned and causing your migraines, then we are often able to fix the migraines by realigning the neck. There are other reasons and causes for why you might be getting migraines, but I believe having your neck alignment properly assessed is the best place to start when looking to treat migraines naturally.

Treat migraines naturally - Durban North Chiro - Loss of Neck Curve and Migraines

The above X-ray, on the left, is of a patient with an ideal neck alignment that does not suffer with migraines. The neck X-ray on the right is of a patient who suffered with migraines for years. Notice the difference in shape of the necks, the migraine sufferer has lost the normal C-shaped Curve of the neck.

How to Treat Your Migraines Naturally

With a program of specific Corrective Adjustments, Exercise and Traction we were able to help this patient get her neck curve back. As her curve improved, so did her migraines and her quality of life.

Taking these simple steps of discovering your migraine triggers, avoiding them and having your neck properly assessed, may help you treat your migraines naturally. They may just go away completely.

If you would like to find out if your neck is causing your migraines, then please give us a call on 031 562 9180