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Pain relief or Corrective Chiropractic care?

| Dr David Palmer |

Pain Relief or Chiropractic Corrective Care- Durban Chiropractor

Have you ever had to stop walking to remove a pebble from your shoe that was irritating your foot? It wouldn’t make sense to just carry on and take painkillers or muscle relaxants for this irritation when removing the pebble would resolve the problem for good.

So why is it, that so many people constantly take medications for their headaches, back pain, fatigue and many other issues, instead of removing the problem from its source?

It seems that many of life’s problems are approached in this manner; we can either patch it or fix it. Although they may sound similar they are two very different options. Patching the problem is often a quick fix; we try to find something that will help the problem now, without much thought for the future and as a result the problem tends to keep coming back.

Fixing the problem is a long term solution; it not only involves helping the problem now, but also ensuring that it doesn’t keep happening.

Your choice in Chiropractic care is no different. When you are in pain, Chiropractic can offer you two choices, to either patch the problem or to fix it. I personally, love to help patients get out of pain, but I find it far more rewarding helping people fix their problem, and watching their health improve over the long term.

I see people all day who come in with the mindset, “I just want to feel better” and it’s my goal to help them focus on their health long term. In many cases Chiropractic can help them feel better relatively quickly, but unless they are committed to fixing the problem, it’s going to keep coming back.

In Chiropractic cases, the source of the patient’s problem is from a joint being out of position that puts pressure on a nerve, or a joint being stuck and not moving properly, which puts strain on the muscle. If you experience headaches, there is a good chance that a misalignment in your neck is adding to your misery, rather than a lack of Painkillers in your diet. Once the pressure is removed from the nerve, or the joint starts moving properly again, patients will get relief. However, with time the vertebra tends to go back to the position it is used to, resulting in pain again.

This is why I believe corrective Chiropractic care is so important. Through chiropractic adjustments, home traction, and specific postural exercises you can realign your spine to its normal shape and curvature thereby taking pressure off the nerves, joints and muscles to allow your spine and nervous system to function healthily.

If you never remove the pebble from your shoe, what do you think will happen to your foot after a few months of walking? If you never address the cause of your headaches, back pain or fatigue, what do you think will happen in a few years from now?

The decision to patch or fix the problem is always yours. Whether you want short term relief or a long term solution that will benefit you the rest of your life, your Durban Chiropractor can help you.