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Choosing the Best Bed for You

| Dr David Palmer |

Choosing the Best Bed for You

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have no other choice but to buy a new bed. Ideally you want to choose the best bed for you. This process is not always an easy one. With so many different brands on the market, all making marvelous claims, how do you know which is the best bed for you? Here are 5 things to think about when choosing your new bed.

 1. Knowing When to Replace Your Bed is Important

The first step that many people take, after waking up with aches or pains, is to blame their bed and look for a replacement. They spend their money on a new bed, only to find that they still wake up with the same aches and pains. These issues could be due to an underlying spinal condition, injury, or even quite simply due to the position they are sleeping in. If you are waking up with pains, you should have those assessed first before rushing off and buying a new bed. After a few visits with the Chiropractor, you may just find that your pains subside.

It is important to note, if your bed is over 7 years old, visibly sags in places or shows signs of wear and tear, then it probably is a good idea to look for a new one.

A great test to determine whether your bed is the problem… 

Go away for the weekend and spend a few nights sleeping on a different bed. If you wake up without the aches or pains, then it’s a good sign that your bed is part of the problem.

 2. Not All Beds are Created Equal

Now that you know your bed is the problem, it’s time to choose a new one. In a very general sense, beds are priced based on the quality of materials that they are constructed from. If you are considering a cheap bed, there’s a very good chance that it has been produced from cheap, low quality materials. This is not going to give you the same comfort, support and longevity as a higher quality bed.

Many brands will have a bottom of the range and a top of the range, so buying a specific brand does not necessarily mean that you are buying a good bed. People often say, “But I bought a (insert Brand Name here), it must be a good bed!”. It’s very difficult to judge the quality of a bed based on name alone, and not knowing what’s on the inside. In general, great beds are made with high quality materials, and as a result, come at a premium. As you spend on average a third of your life in bed, it makes sense to get the best quality bed that you can afford.

 3. Which Type of Bed Do I Get?

A young, 130kg man with a back problem is going to require something vastly different to an elderly, slim woman with arthritis. What is best for you? Should you get a foam mattress? What about a spring and foam combination mattress? Have you even considered a water or an air mattress?

In general, I find most people do best with a combination spring and foam mattress. These types of beds tend to offer good support, comfort and longevity.

  4. Avoid Marketing Gimmicks

The bed industry is full of marketing gimmicks. Beds delivered in a box, “one-size fits all”, and “made from bamboo” are some of the common “features” doing the rounds. Manufacturers will often make comments like, their bed has the “perfect posture layer” or a special “back pain zone”. These are often just marketing terms that don’t actually mean anything. The most important factor when choosing a bed is the quality of the materials it is produced from.

  5. Testing Your Bed

The standard approach, when trying out new beds, is to walk into a bed showroom, lie on a few different beds for a few minutes each and then choose the one that feels the best. Research shows that *“the customary showroom ‘test drive’ in fact often leads consumers to suboptimal mattress selection”.

By following the above approach, you are actually less likely to choose the best bed for you. Your other option, is to take the salesman’s advice. It doesn’t take much knowledge of the human body or sleep science, to become a bed salesman. Unfortunately recommendations are often based on commission and clearing old stock. The truth is, there may be a bed in the show room that is perfect for you, the difficulty lies in correctly choosing that bed.

So How Do You Choose the Best Bed for You?

In reality, the best way to determine which is the best bed for you, is to undergo a variety of sleep tests whilst sleeping on a variety of different beds. Unfortunately, this is not feasible.

We recommend speaking to someone who understands the bed industry, your body and your unique needs to determine which is the best bed for you.

At Align Corrective Chiropractic we understand that choosing a new bed is not easy but is an important decision that you want to get right. We have developed relationships with leading bed manufacturers to make custom beds for our patients, based on their needs. If you require any help when choosing the best bed for you, please give us a call on 031 562 9180 or email info@alignchiropractic.co.za