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Chiropractic Posture Assessment

| Dr David Palmer |

Chiropractic Posture Assessment.

All of our new patients receive a chiropractic posture assessment at Align Corrective Chiropractic. Why? Because we believe that good posture is such a vitally important aspect of good health and vitality that we just can’t ignore it. How we stand, sit, sleep and move on a day to day basis, impacts us in ways that we don’t even realise. Research has shown that poor posture can affect our moods, circulation, digestion and breathing. It can also cause a host of other health issues, and is very commonly the cause of our aches and pains. Many of our patients have battled for years with a variety of health issues but have never had their posture assessed. We are here to change that.

Do you need a Chiropractic Posture Assessment?

Is your posture a problem?  You can start off with this simple self-assessment. When assessing your posture, it is very important that you stand in your most comfortable, relaxed posture. Do not try to force an unnatural posture, as this will give a false reading.

If you pick up on any postural abnormalities then we would highly recommend a thorough posture assessment performed by a Corrective Chiropractor.

Once we have a good understanding of your postural pattern, we will want to investigate it further. We perform a variety of orthopaedic tests to assess your joints, movements and range of motion.  Neurological tests are done to determine if there is nerve involvement and Chiropractic tests to determine if Corrective Chiropractic is the best choice for you.

Durban Chiropractic Posture Assessment

Do I need X-Rays to assess my posture?

One big thing that separates us from many other Durban Chiropractors is that we have our own on-site digital X-ray equipment. We take spinal X-Rays to give us more insight into why you have the postural pattern that you do. Is there spinal degeneration? Underlying disease? We are able to assess the health of your spine and take precise spinal measurements.

We then give you feedback on how close, or far, your spine is from the ideal alignment. With this in mind, we can develop a specific program to correct your spinal mis-alignments and improve your posture.

Neck X ray and Bad Posture - Chiropractor Durban
In the above picture we have a neck that is too curved, a neck that is too straight, and a neck that is reverse curved. Surprisingly, they all result in the exact same forward head posture. Each person in the above example would require a different form of treatment. However we wouldn’t know this without having seen their individual X-Ray. It’s is a great example of why X-Rays are so important in structurally assessing and correcting posture.

We take a structural approach, which means that we focus on fixing the problem at the cause. Most other postural techniques are functional. This involves functionally strengthening the muscles so that you can hold your posture better for longer. Unfortunately as soon as these muscles weaken or tire out your posture will worsen.

If you are looking for a thorough chiropractic posture assessment and a long term solution to your postural problems, please give us a call at Align Corrective Chiropractic on 031 562 9180.