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Why You Should Choose Us As Your Durban Chiropractor

| Dr David Palmer |

Durban chiropractorChoosing your Durban Chiropractor can be a difficult process, to say the least. With so many options out there and recommendations from every family member and colleague; narrowing your list down to one, in particular, can seem like an endless affair. We’d like to make things a bit easier for you. Read our list below of just a few of the reasons why you should choose Align Corrective Chiropractic.

  1. Focused Technique

Our technique is focused on corrective care. This involves making long-term structural changes to the shape of the spine. We do this in order to correct the cause of your problems and not just the symptoms. We have experience, both working with, and training in local and international clinics. The result is highly specialised knowledge and leading-edge, research-based techniques that allow us to focus on improving your posture.

  1. Specialised Equipment

We have our own on-site digital x-ray equipment with unique software that allows us to objectively measure and track changes in the shape of the spine. This means that we are able to set measurable goals, that are monitored throughout the course of your treatment, creating an individualised plan for each patient.

Our specific equipment, such as vibration plates, body weighting, traction devices and mirror image exercises, work together, to provide a holistic and thorough approach to correcting your structural misalignments. We also offer digital posture photography analysis and assessment of posture.

  1. Practice Layout

Our premises boast two treatment areas as well as a dedicated exercise area. Our exercise area allows you to perform specific exercises before and after your adjustments, ensuring that you get the best long-term results.

  1. We Are Eco-Friendly

We show our commitment to the environment through our paperless, digital administration system. All invoices and statements will be emailed to you after your treatment.

  1. Dedicated Staff

At Align Corrective Chiropractic we have two dedicated Durban Chiropractors with a focus on helping you feel, heal and function better. In the beginning stage of your chiropractic treatment Leigh-Anne, our friendly practice manager, will sit down and discuss your treatment plan in detail. Our helpful receptionist will take your calls and answer your emails instantly.

  1. We Put Our Patients First

We are focused on building the best corrective chiropractic practice in South Africa, with patient care as our primary motivation. In order to meet this goal, we are constantly working on new ways to grow and learn so that we can make your corrective experience the best that it can be.

Contact Align Corrective Chiropractic today on 031 562 9180 and let us be your Durban Chiropractor.