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What to expect – First Chiropractic visit.

| Dr David Palmer |

I remember feeling both nervous and excited the first time I saw a Chiropractor. I went in not knowing what to expect but I left knowing that I had made the right choice. A good Chiropractor should take the time to explain everything, give you your options and put you at ease.

Your first visit is often the longest, as the Chiropractor will want to take the time necessary to find out exactly what is bothering you and how best to serve you. A typical first visit will start with a detailed medical history.

Where does it hurt? How long have you had this problem? Can you think of anything that may have caused this pain? Is there any time of the day when it feels better or worse? These are just a few common questions your Chiropractor will ask you to get a complete understanding of what is causing your pain.

Your Doctor should then perform a series of tests to examine your spine. These may include orthopaedic tests, to determine how your joints and muscles are functioning. Neurological tests to show how your nervous system is functioning, and postural tests to determine what part of your spine is under the most strain.

These tests are all very important and will give your doctor a very good idea of what your problem is. If necessary your Chiropractor will take a set of X-rays, or refer you for further testing. X rays are very useful as they can show broken bones or if there is disease in the spine. They also show the shape and alignment of your spine and if you have any degenerative changes due to a misalignment.

Align Corrective Chiropractic makes use of  digital posture assessment and digital X-Rays of the spine. These are both very useful in indicating any postural/structural problems.

Once your Chiropractor has all the information they need, they should go through their findings with you, discuss your options and recommend a treatment plan for you to get the best possible results.

Your Chiropractor will then give you your first adjustment and hopefully you too will leave knowing that you made the right choice.