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Can Chiropractors fix bad posture?

| Dr David Palmer |

Fixing bad posture - Durban ChiropractorCan chiropractors fix bad posture? Your posture is determined by the shape and alignment of your spine. Simply put, when your spine is aligned properly, you chances of good posture is greatly increased. Before we talk about fixing poor posture, let’s get a better idea of what good posture looks like.

How to test if you have good posture?

Stand in a relaxed, comfortable position in front of a mirror. Now imagine a line passing through the centre of your body. Ideally your spine should look straight, and your hips, shoulders and eye level should all be even. If your neck is tilted to the side, one of your shoulders is dropping, or if you have any other deviation from the normal, then your spine is misaligned.

Can Chiropractors fix poor posture

You may need some help with this next part, so ask a friend to take a picture of you from the side. Again stand in a relaxed, comfortable position and imagine a line passing through the centre of your ankle upwards. Ideally the back of your knee, centre of your hips, centre of your shoulders and ear should all be on this straight line. The most common problem I see in practice is forward head posture. This is when your head moves in front of the shoulder. This usually indicates a loss of the normal neck curve. (cervical lordosis)

Can Chiropractors fix bad posture

Why should you be concerned about bad posture?

Poor posture places extra pressure on the joints, discs, muscles and nerves. This can lead to pain, restricted mobility, muscle tightness and a variety of other symptoms due to nerve pressure. If left untreated bad posture will deteriorate and can cause permanent degenerative changes.

Your Durban Chiropractor has had extensive training on realigning the spine and correcting poor posture. We use X rays and digital posture photographs to determine the exact angles and measurements of your spine. We then devise a treatment plan based on these measurements to get your spine back into alignment and therefore fixing your poor posture.

Correcting poor posture/structural misalignments takes time and effort. It also requires a precise plan of chiropractic adjustments, home traction, and mirror image exercises. Making the time now to correct your posture, will improve the health of your spine and slow down the degenerative process. We focus on corrective Chiropractic care , so if you want to fix bad posture, give us a call on 031 562 9180