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  • X-Ray baner




We use X-Rays to accurately and objectively measure the shape and alignment of our patients’ spines. These x-rays aid in correct diagnosis and allow us to develop the best possible corrective plan for the best possible results. With our own digital x-ray machine on site, this process is made quick, convenient and affordable.

We have picked up many broken bones, arthritis and other conditions that otherwise would have been missed. We do take all general x-rays – but no mammograms, no ultrasound scans, no bone density scans and no MRI scans.

The X-Rays are sent off for a radiologist report, which you will receive along with a copy of the images on cd.

At Align Corrective Chiropractic we pride ourselves in our short waiting times, top-class service and personal yet professional attention to your general radiography needs.

“After recently falling and the fall totally impacting on my left elbow I decided to phone Align Corrective Chiropractic, 18 Burne Crescent, Durban for an appointment to X-ray my elbow to ascertain the extent of the damage I had caused by the fall. On arrival, I was greeted by a calming, reassuring and smiling assistant by the name of Leigh who told me I would be attended to soon by Dr. David Palmer. I did not have to wait long before Dr Palmer saw me and I felt very relaxed in his X-ray room as he calmly explained exactly how I was to place my fractured arm for the various X-rays he needed to take. It did not take long and on leaving I was handed, by Leigh, a CD disk with that day’s date written on it, which I then took with me to an orthopedic specialist as Dr Palmer had suggested. I recommend Align Corrective Chiropractic as I felt they were very calm, friendly and re-assuring.”