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What can Chiropractic help with?

| Dr David Palmer |

Most people know Chiropractors can help with common conditions like low back pain, neck pain and headaches, but what about other conditions like sinus or digestive troubles?

The nervous system controls everything; it controls how you function, how you heal, and what you feel. Everything that happens in the body begins as a nerve impulse in the brain, which travels down the spinal cord, and out through the peripheral nerves (between the vertebrae) to control every part of the body.

So what happens when two vertebrae become misaligned or when the spine loses its normal shape and puts extra strain or pressure on the nerves? The nerve becomes irritated, and while this often causes pain, only about 10% of the nervous system is involved with sensation. In fact the other 90% of the nervous system controls your muscles and organs and keeps your body functioning properly. So doesn’t it make sense that a spinal misalignment can not only cause you pain, but could also be causing other problems?

As a Chiropractor I do not claim to treat any illness or disease, I quite simply locate where the spine is misaligned or not moving properly and help correct it. For example the nerves from the upper neck supply the head and sinuses. If a patient is battling with headaches or sinus troubles, I will often find that their first two neck vertebrae will be misaligned. By adjusting these joints and taking the pressure off these nerves, patients will often notice an improvement with their headache or sinus symptoms. Again I am not treating their sinuses, but rather addressing the structural issue in their neck that may be aggravating their sinus troubles.

Many patients have reported improvements in energy levels, sleeping patterns, digestive troubles and many other issues whilst under Chiropractic care. I have even had a patient report that his hearing improved after his first adjustment.

So can Chiropractic help with back and neck pains? Absolutely. Can Chiropractic help you with other problems such as sinus and digestive troubles? Possibly, provided the problem is caused by a spinal misalignment. As always it’s best to consult your Chiropractor for a thorough assessment to determine if your spine is causing you any other problems.