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The Quick Fix | Chiropractic Myths

| Dr David Palmer |

After ten years, practicing as a Chiropractor, helping both people who are looking for a quick fix and those looking for a longer-term correction, I have realised one thing. Many people stop their course of treatment too soon. They base their decisions on their pain. As soon as the pain is gone, so are they. This is a mistake.

Chiropractic Myth: All I Need Is A “Quick Fix”

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that there is a problem. Think of it like the engine light on your car dashboard. Once the light turns on, the problem is already there and demands immediate attention. You could ignore it, disconnect the light or cover it with tape, but this wouldn’t fix the problem. Likewise, people often cover up their common symptoms, such as back pain or headaches, with painkillers. Some people even use Chiropractic as a “quick fix”. This is often just a temporary fix.

Even though many of our patients experience relief within a few visits, that doesn’t mean that the problem is gone. I think a lot of people assume “because the pain is gone, the problem must be fixed”. In reality, pain is often the first symptom to disappear. It can still take months to achieve full healing, to strengthen, to restore and maintain full function, and even longer to achieve structural correction. If you don’t complete this corrective process you are inviting a relapse.

The Pain Cycle

I have seen so many people caught in an ongoing cycle.

Pain – treating pain – feeling better – relapse – pain.

Chasing pain is a tiring process.

Why We Are Different

At Align Corrective Chiropractic we do things differently. We want to help you break out of this cycle. To heal, to move better, to function better, to strengthen and to correct underlying structural misalignments so that these pains don’t keep coming back.

We base our treatment plan on objective measures such as posture photographs, x-ray analysis, and other measurable tests. Together we discuss your options and set achievable goals. We want to work with you to keep your spine as healthy as possible.

If you are looking for a Durban North Chiropractor to help you break out of a pain cycle, give us a call on  031 562 9180.