Headaches are common, but that does not make them normal. There are many different types of headaches with a number of different causes. Your chiropractor at Align Corrective Chiropractic Durban will assess you thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of your headaches and suggest an appropriate course of treatment to correct the cause of these headaches.

What is the cause of headaches?

Most headaches are due to misalignments and tension in the neck, but it is possible that lower back problems can cause the upper spine to compensate, and shift the head off centre, causing extra strain in the neck leading, to headaches. This is why our Chiropractors take a full spine approach to treating headaches.

Treatment of headaches

The common approach to headaches is to take painkillers, but these rarely address the underlying cause, and patients often become dependent on these pills.

We have very high success rates with patients who suffer from headaches, by means of a safe and natural approach.