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Pinched Nerve Relief
Pinched Nerve Relief

How to get relief from nerve compression symptoms caused by
a slipped disc, bulge or herniation without drugs or surgery.



I woke up in the middle of the night, with excruciating nerve pain running down both legs, all the way to my feet. My first thought – ‘What is causing this pain?’. My second thought – how am I going to get comfortable enough to sleep? I walked around the room for a while, propped myself up with pillows, nothing was working! The pain was relentless.
When medication didn’t even help, and I was unable to pick up my toddler the next day, I knew that it was serious.
Luckily, the option of Chiropractic treatment was readily available and the relief, with treatment, was indescribable.

What is a pinched nerve?

A pinched nerve (radiculopathy) occurs when the nerves exiting the spine are compressed. This happens when surrounding tissues, such as bones or out-of-place discs exert too much pressure on a nerve causing damage. This can cause symptoms down your arms or legs, including sharp shooting pains, numbness, tingling and muscle weakness. This debilitating condition often has a far-reaching negative impact on your quality of life.



We take the time to listen to you. We want to understand what has happened in your past to get you to this point, what your current concerns are and what your health goals are for the future.

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We want to understand how we can help you best. We perform physical tests to investigate where you are not functioning optimally. This may include a digital posture scan and digital X-Rays of the Spine (done on-site)

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We discuss our findings with you, and get you started on the Spine Relieve and Restore program to help you be your best

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Here at Align Corrective Chiropractic we have searched to find the most beneficial evidence-based treatment program for Nerve Compression (Pinched Nerve.) This has culminated in the “Spine Relieve and Restore” program. A safe and effective, non-surgical, tailored approach to relieve nerve compression and restore function

How can we help you?

Once we have discussed your unique needs and assessed you thoroughly, we can get started on a specific treatment program to help you reach your goals. The Spine Relieve and Restore program may include:

  • Chiropractic Treatment

  • Decompression Traction therapy

  • Exercises

  • Lifestyle Modification

Spinal Decompression Traction for a pinched nerved

What is

Spinal Decompression?

Have you ever felt like your spine needs a good stretch? Well then you are in luck! Spinal decompression is a form of traction therapy that uses a specialised treatment table designed to stretch the areas of your spine that need it most. This is specifically helpful when you have a compressed nerve. This technique gently releases the pressure on the nerve to provide relief from conditions such as pinched nerve/sciatica. This decompressive pressure applied can draw bulging and herniated disc material centrally which helps increase disc height and better align the spinal column.

This gentle stretching encourages nourishment back into the discs by moving water, oxygen, and additional nutrients into the disc space. This will promote healing, increase range of motion and functionality of the discs. This type of therapy has shown large benefits in people struggling with Sciatica, disc bulges, disc herniations, pinched nerves and degeneration of the disc spaces.

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Why Align Corrective Chiropractic?

Having experienced the effects of a pinched nerve ourselves, we understand the debilitating impact that it has on quality of life. We are passionate about helping people get their lives back with a safe and effective treatment program and not having to resort to medication and risky surgeries. 


    We would love to hear from you. Contact us on one of the methods below.