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Do I Need A Chiropractic Adjustment?

| Dr David Palmer |

Do I need a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a Chiropractic adjustment? Maybe you have seen or heard stories online and are apprehensive to get adjusted yourself. “Will it hurt?”, “Is it safe?” “Are you sure you won’t break my neck?” are just some of the questions we frequently receive. The following post will give you a better understanding of what a Chiropractic adjustment is, how it can make you feel amazing, and more importantly how it is essential in maintaining a healthy spine.

Durban Chiropractor - Chiropractic Adjustment Neck
Dr Palmer performing a Chiropractic Adjustment

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Quite simply, your spine functions and moves at its best when it is well aligned. When your spine loses its ideal alignment, it stiffens up and takes extra strain. This leads to dysfunction, pain and eventual wear and tear. An adjustment is a quick, specific thrust to the joint to increase movement and improve alignment. Sometimes an adjustment will make a clicking/popping noise. This is just a release of built-up pressure in the fluid surrounding the joint and usually feels very good. Patients often report feeling looser, less tight, and less pain after an adjustment.

Watch Dr Palmer demonstrate a few neck adjustments

Will one Chiropractic Adjustment fix my problem?

This totally depends on what your problem is and what your goals are. If you have a simple backache and your goal is purely relief, then it is quite possible that you will experience relief with just one adjustment. As a Durban Chiropractor I have had many patients feel a massive difference in both pain levels and range of motion, following their first adjustment. However if you don’t fix the underlying cause of your pain, the chances are that it will soon return.

If your goal is correction of poor posture/structure then this will not be possible with just one adjustment. When a patient comes to us for Corrective Chiropractic Care, we perform a very thorough assessment including neurological testing, posture pics and spinal X-Rays. With this information we are able to determine where the structural misalignment’s are and what we need to do to fix them. Appropriate Chiropractic Adjustments are an essential component of our Corrective program. Click here to read why we generally recommend Corrective Chiropractic Care over short term relief care.

Why are Chiropractic Adjustments essential in keeping my spine healthy?

Very simply, when your spine becomes misaligned, it cannot move as efficiently as it should. Movement is what pushes nutrients into the discs and keeps them healthy. Without proper movement your joints and discs will eventually take more strain and wear out. This leads to extra bone formation, causing further stiffening of the joints. As your spine progressively degenerates it becomes more prone to nerve compression, injury and has a greater overall negative impact on your health. An adjustment is the best way to keep the individual joints moving properly, and a Corrective Care program is the best way to get your spine into the ideal alignment.

If you want a healthy spine and are looking for an experienced Durban Chiropractor to develop a Corrective Care program specifically for you, then please give Align Corrective Chiropractic a call on 031 562 9180.