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5 Habits for good health

| Dr David Palmer |

One of the biggest problems we face today is how good health is taken for granted. It’s often only when we become sick that we realise just how much poor health affects our lives. There is a common misconception that our health is something we can’t change, but we all have the ability to improve our health through making better lifestyle choices. Here are a few simple choices that you can make today to improve your health for tomorrow.

Eat better

The foods we eat are the building blocks our body uses to heal, replicate and build new cells. If you eat a variety of nutritious healthy foods, your body will have what it needs to function at its best. You can improve your diet by simply thinking about each and every meal before you eat it. Is it going to improve your health or make it worse? Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your meals, and cutting down on the amount of sugar and processed foods you consume are simple ways to improve your diet.

Drink more water

The average human body consists of 60% water, and we can only survive a few days without. It makes sense to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Choose water over soft drinks or coffee and make it a habit to drink water throughout the day.

Get more sleep

Every day we expose our bodies to numerous stresses, when we sleep our bodies heal and recover from these stresses. The average person does best with about 8 hours sleep per night. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep to function at your best throughout the day.

Exercise more

Regular exercise keeps you healthy and can help prevent numerous diseases. It’s always easier to stay motivated to exercise when you are doing something you enjoy with other people. Find an activity that you enjoy, join a club, invite some friends and then do it as often as you can. If you can’t find anything that you enjoy, then simply go for a brisk walk.

See your Chiropractor

Many people overlook the vital role that your nervous system plays in health. In fact your nervous system controls everything. How you feel, how you heal, how you function. Everything!

A Chiropractor will help keep your spine in alignment so that you put the least possible strain on the nervous system. This will also keep you moving well and improve your posture, both of which play a valuable part in good health.

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